They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Mike - 16 Feb 2009

Hi, Betty,

Well, the research, I've seen, shows that the longest living people are the Japanese, who eat fish and the second longest living are the Swiss who use the most dairy... Also, studies are now confirming, what I said some time ago, that Soy is not good for us, unless it is fermented... Flax seed oil is not as good as fish oil... Animal based vitamin A is better than plant based etc...

Personally, from a health perspective, I am not interested in vegetarianism... rather, I just care about the animals and so, I am willing to reduce my health for their sakes. I would never eat meat to get what I may be missing in plant based diets..

I'm no doctor, but I have read a large number of books by doctors and I think the most side with a meat based diet for best health... Like I said, this will not change my diet, I will remain a vegetarian, but until I see otherwise, I could not attempt to convert someone to vegetarianism based on health issues, as I would feel like I was dishonest.

Take care,


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