They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Juli - 16 Feb 2009

Points well made, Daniel -- I certainly do not defend hunting and also find the term "ethical hunting" to be an oxymoron (though I would make exceptions in actual survival situations).

I couldn't agree more that human-animal relationships matter very much, and I think that's why I feel it's most important that humans at least recognize in all situations concerning animals that there is an "other being" involved (relationship can't even exist without that factor) ... a concept met with utter denial on grocery store shelves.

Overall, this seems more soul-deadening to me than the act of hunting, where at least in being confronted with the life and the death, there is a chance of awakening and redemption in the face of the truth. In fact, I've known a couple hunters who, after years of hunting, had one experience that served to turn them from hunting for good. That's not likely to happen with people who never even acknowledge a life was ever involved in the choices they make.

I hope to get your book, thanks; I'm sure it's a good read!


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