They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Juli - 16 Feb 2009


I understand the idea that there is an unhealthy psychological/spiritual aspect to hunting (i.e., the numbing of the human heart and soul that enables one to do it), but I am not of the mind that it's "better" to buy killed meat that has been killed unseen and tidily wrapped in plastic, allowing people to bypass the reality of the animal's life and death. I don't understand how that's a rational argument for it being preferable to buy meat in a store, killed by someone else, over killing the animal oneself. How is it less "damaging" to human-animal relationships to pretend that the processed corpse wrapped in plastic never even was the living sentient being, the beautiful creation animated by the breath of God, that it once was?

Even if we're looking at the issue of the unhealthy emotions involved in a human who is enamored by killing things, once again, that is considering the "health" (spiritual/psychological/emotional) of a human over the suffering of animals. As I've stated here before, as much as I'm opposed to hunting, if it's the suffering of animals that is the crux and not our selves (our health and/or our principles), animals suffer far more in both life and death, and in exponentially greater numbers, through factory farming than do animals who live natural lives in the wild and are then killed by a hunter's bullet. If I had to choose between being one of the former animals, and being one of the latter, I'd choose the latter, without question or hesitation; I wouldn't care how humans felt about one or the other.

Again, to me, it's more about the suffering of animals than about how we feel, or how we feel about ourselves. They should be the first consideration, since they are the ones who are most affected by these human choices.


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