They Were Already Dead


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They Were Already Dead
Comments by Joyce - 15 Feb 2009

Hi Ray,

I feel your pain! The response 'they were already dead' is trite and dismissive. It says 'see, its not my fault, this is happening anyway'. I got a similar response from a former co-worker at my former place of employment.

Another idea behind this faulty reasoning is that the death of animals for human consumption is happening anyway so what impact does one person/one family's food choice have on something that is happening anyway? The truth is one person can do a lot. I am the only vegetarian in my family and a curiosity (for lots of other reasons as well...!), but my family struggles to understand why I became a vegetarian. This is a perfect opportunity to explain the 'why'. I haven't 'converted' anyone yet, but at least I am engaging them in discussion and making them think a little. :)

I know I've said this here before, but I need to say it again. Unfortunately, people are not that interested in the welfare of animals, if it means that they have to give up their steak and ribs. I have found, even among Christians, that the best arguments for vegetarianism is about health. People are very interested in themselves and their health.

No offense (keep in mind I do understand how you feel about this...), but saying: 'Why did we get sent to the stupid people's planet?' is equally dismissive. I know it's frustrating but it's simply wrong to think lesser of someone who doesn't share our ethics and values. We are all on a journey and not one of us is perfect! Our best tool in discussions such as these is patience and compassion.

domine vobiscum

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