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By Pamela - 11 Nov 2009

Hi, my name is Pamela. I got to your site because I was inquiring from Google about Daniel's fast. we had a discussion tonight in my bible study class at my church. Someone wanted to know if Daniel's Fast is for us as Christians today. A lot of us was not sure, because they said Daniel ate food on his fast, and when you are fasting you are not supposed to eat food at all. Even though he did not eat regular food it was still food. I was wondering if this was a fast or just healthy eating for Daniel, even though the bible said fast. If you have any insights in this area biblically I would love to know.

I just want to tell you that on reading your story I think you are an amazing person. I think the holy spirit himself helped you to do all this. this takes time and commitment and a whole lot of effort to do all this. I am amazed.

After reading your story My husband and I decided we are going to follow these recipes starting tomorrow . My husband is 53 years old and has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer like 3 months ago, he is not sick or anything because we are trying not to claim it even though the doctors said. When I heard your story I just know this is biblically right. I would love to know if you have a recipe for cancer for my husband to follow. Please let me know.

God bless and keep you

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