The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel

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The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel
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Comments by Ray Barta - 20 May 2007

Frank and Mary said: "Perhaps some of you can tell us what we are doing wrong."

I am one of the sermon receivers that do not go to the web site and view the sermon. I could never suggest that you are doing something wrong. I usually read the title, and in the very beginning, I read the first couple of sermons years ago, and to be fair, I read today's sermon. We are all looking for different knowledge from the bible and from sermons. There is no shortage of sermons to read out in cyberland. I'm looking for knowledge from the bible and from sermons, that are specific to our cause. I want ways to use the bible to enlighten bible believers that killing animals for the pleasure of taste or just the pleasure of the hunt is against God and Jesus. Bible believers are always quoting the bible at me to support flesh eating and animal killing, and I need rebuttal ammunition from the bible.....for the bible quoters that I know will not accept any teachings that do not come from the bible. To me, everything else is offense intended.

As the Blues Brothers would say, "I'm on a mission from God". My "calling" is to help enlighten the Christian flesh eaters to the ways of Love and Compassion for God in all His forms, for life is God's expression of Himself in this reality. I need ways to exposed the self-importance that my Christians friends and family have, and they ways that they have used to bible to promote evil. I need ways that will reach them, or at least plant a "seed".

I don't know if I'm alone in this, but I suspect that there are two basic reasons that we vegetarians/vegans have joined this email list. To find fellowship with people that believe the way that we do, and to find ways to fight for God, Love and Compassion for all Beings.

So, if the title of the sermon is generic and not about my "calling" I do not view it.

As for having a vegetarian church to attend, would be great for fellowship, but there are "meet-up" groups for vegetarians in most major cities. It would be wonderful to worship God with caring people that have seen the light, but I think that we need to be in the dark places shining our light and exposing the evil that has gripped today's churches. If we attend a flesh-eating church looking for fellowship and belonging, we will not fit in and be frustrated. We need to get our fellowship elsewhere. I think that we need to be the thorn in the church's side. we need to make them choose between our love and compassion and their desire for flesh-eating, we need to carry the cross and be told to shut up or asked to leave, we need to cause the flesh-eaters to be exposed and uncomfortable. I'm telling myself this more than anyone else, because I have not yet tried to carry this burden, but I see myself building strength by my fellowship with you people, and I see the day coming when I will join several churches to shine my light in there deepest darkest places.

Love and Compassion for all Beings.....Ray

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