The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel

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The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel
Comments by Ray Barta - 18 May 2007
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Janet and Debra: I share your disgust..........Many of my Christian friends consider me to be the "lost one" because I will not join them in their belief that only Man is loved by God. I've been called "a non-believer" to my face and they go off to their little retreats and all hug one another and tell each other how they love each others, and feel all good about themselves, and have a big flesh-eating dinner together and tell each other just how blessed that they all are.

Frank & Mary: It seems to me that if we are ever going to help the church find its way out of the darkness, we are going to have to start teaching that Man is the lost one, that the kingdom of God is already here, and Man is destroying it by believing that only Man is important to God. We have to stop the church from putting Man on this pedestal, and we must elevate all beings as sacred and loved by God......however:

A while back, I was visiting the brother of a friend who lives in a rural area. I went with two other flesh-eating friends, I never mentioned it, but I know that he had heard about me being a vegetarian, as I've known his sister for over 20 years. I think that this guy was "baiting" me, and trying to get me to say something vegetarian. We saw a wild bunny run across the road, and he said: "I wish I had my gun right now, we could have rabbit for dinner", then he stopped the car at a chicken house and we looked inside and saw thousands of adolescent chickens all crammed together, never to see the sun or to be free. In both instances, I said nothing. Later, I wondered if I should have said something.....maybe so, but I'm sure it would only cause laughter, not thought. I later decided that:

When the devil gives you a tour of hell, telling him that his ways are evil is a waste of time.

I hope that telling the church to stop teaching the doctrine that fills their donation baskets is not a waist of time. I like to believe that there is still hope for the church to come out from the darkness. I know that we must keep trying, for failure can never be an option.

Love and Compassion for all Beings.........Ray

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