The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel

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The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel
Comments by Debra Stitt - 18 May 2007
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I quit attending a church for the same reason. They were really big on squirrel hunting. Stories of "miracles" because of a sound alerting one of the hunters to where the wounded squirrel could be found, etc., etc. Offering up prayers for a good "squirrel bounty." Getting the young boys involved very early in life and publicly praising them for their first kill. They took this praise a step further by publicly announcing how blessed the child is for being led by God to their bounty. This is a Protestant church that is VERY bible based and about as fundamentalist as they come.

These are people that truly believe what they are doing is sanctioned by God. They TRULY don't understand since they've been raised from birth to think this way. They would fall on a sword for a fellow human and live a very meager life -- giving much of what they have to others they feel have more pressing needs. It's difficult to understand how so much beauty can be housed in the same body with such brutality.

They know why I left the church and while they'd welcome me back with open arms, they are waiting for ME to "see the light." All I can do is pray that someday THEY will be enlightened!


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