The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel

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The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel
Comments by Stephen Augustine - 16 May 2007
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Unfortunately those who advocate for animal welfare or animal rights are often seen as being anti-human. Of course this is not really logical nor are those who advocate for protectionism of non-humans necessarily anti-human. I think it stems from a bit of insecurity on the part of meat eaters and from a feeling that to advocate for the protection of animals is to infringe on the rights of humans to do as they please. In some fashion it might be similar to a situation where wealthy people might feel threatened when you argue for increased care and protection for poor people. It's seems characteristic of humans that we find it hard to either feel or show compassion towards those in positions of power and privilege. There's no doubt that it's hard to express unconditional love towards meat eaters because in relation to animals they *are* in positions of power and privilege. In this context, and as many people on this List have pointed out in the past, I think one approach that
works quite well is to focus on one's own feelings, experiences and thoughts towards animal welfare such as "I feel that vegetarianism is the best option for me because it is consistent with my understanding of a God who calls us to be compassionate to all God's creatures."

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