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The Caring Heart
By Joyce Klakken - 18 Mar 2013

Re: Join-Up for Survival


I would sure hope the Holy Spirit would restore whole, healthy brain function.  I have not heard of any being restored like that myself.  What can happen with sociopath/psychopathic personalities is that they can learn to behave so convincingly, and then be let out of prison only to go back to their former ways.  They  hadn't really changed inside at all, they were just putting on a good act to get out of prison.  So many "normal" people are nevertheless impossible to reason with when there is an issue.  They will just throw out mean talk  - character assassinations, etc. I have read excellent, up to date books on abuse, and found there is no easy cure for them.  Few see any reason to be different.  They always see things as being the other person's fault, like the wife, etc.  Even those who do want to change have a real long, tough road ahead with expensive therapy.  Seems like "the church" has condoned abuse considerably in that those complaining about bad treatment are told that their problem is that they haven't forgiven.  Of course, the abuser gets by with all his/her awful stuff, and the poor one who is abused, forgives and is handy to be abused again - and again - and again. 

I sure wish I knew the answer to all that.  I sure wish the holy spirit would heal people more and more.  A lot of the abusers (as well as the animal hunters and eaters) are upstanding church members who have, I think, been trying their best to be what their pastor tells them to be.  I don't think they are all insincere.  They just don't seem to have any insight into the meaning and effects of their toxic behaviors.  And, the church doesn't talk about all that stuff anyway.  They are so busy reading Bible verses, but not connecting to what's happening in real life. 

Wish I had more answers, but I know Jesus told us to love one another, and Paul did, too.  At least the church could tell people that harmful, toxic behaviors (of all sorts) do harm others, oftentimes for years or forever, and that they are actually in Satan, and not Jesus. 

Well, glad you liked the article.  I did think of one more to write to cap off the topic.