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Our backgrounds, our experiences, our encounters with God and His creation, and our education, all play a part in the manner in which we interpret the Bible. Following is one of these testimonies by a vegan lay person.

By Michael Shaw

Dear List Members,

John and I were talking privately. I sent him a personal story that relates both to my walk with Christ and meditation. I believe everyone is aware that John is an ex-TMer.

John said my story was along the lines of what he was hoping the list would write.   It may not appeal to all, however, here it is...

I live in Canada and a number of years back I had to fly down to the US for a advanced Kundalini Yoga private workshop initiation..

It was a couple weeks before Christmas.  I didn't want to leave my family at this time, but I felt pressured to, anyway, I had drifted away from Jesus a bit.  Not sure how it happened, but I was having doubts at the time.

Anyway, I was in North Carolina and a cold snap hit the area.  The Yoga people joked that I had brought with me some Canadian weather.

I was rather down during the whole trip. I went through the advanced initiation and basically had a weekend to kill in a strange town and no friends or family.

I was staying with a couple who had to work most of the weekend.  I had the run of their home which was a small mansion, but I was feeling so down, that it would have been nice to have had someone to talk to.

I was really doubting my faith.  That evening when the couple came home they asked if I wanted to do a meditation where we would astral travel to Brahmaloka.   Hey! I didn't think this was anything but a head trip, but I said, "OK".

The meditation took a couple hours and I certainly felt myself leave my body.   This is why as a Christian I do not believe as some JWs do that we do not have a soul. I believe we do.

Anyway, I was told by this couple that "Brahmaloka/God's Location" was really a state of mind and not really heaven as taught in Christianity. I was further told that I would experience a numbing bliss.

Well, I did not experience this. Rather, I found myself in a field beside a castle.  At first I was a little frightened, but a strong sense of peace came over me. Then I saw coming towards me from my left a tall fair faced fellow dressed in white, and though I had never believed that angels have wings, this fellow had them. (by the way list members, I do not do drugs)

The angel gently smiled as he passed me and then turn his head back to my direction and said, "Jesus loves you man, he really loves you."

I felt that his language was really odd. Why did he say the word "man" as though he was speaking street slang?

Anyway, right then I was sucked back into my body at high speed.  The couple were already out of meditation. I asked them what they experienced and they said complete bliss.  I asked if they heard anything and they said, "No." I did not tell them what I saw.

The next day was Sunday and I had a strange feeling that I wanted to go to church, but I did not.  I asked the couple to show me an historical spot that I could enjoy.   They took me to a park.  I could not believe the number of Blacks that were sleeping on the ground. As I said, a cold snap had occurred that week.

The couple took me to a Subway Sub place so I could get a veggie sub.  They had meat subs.  At that moment one of the blacks from the park came into the store.   He was an old man with a few days growth on his face.  He was going from table to table asking if anyone would buy his book.  He was trying to sell a children's book, I think it was, "The Cat and the Hat".  He wanted to make some money.

I was moved to tears.  I called him over and told him that if it would not offend him that he take $20 from me as an early Christmas gift.  He started to cry and shake.  He said in a quivered voice, "Jesus loves you man, he really loves you."  List members, these were the exact word of the angel.  As I tell you this story I once again feel tears welling up inside. I so much needed to hear those word at that very time in my life.  I have never since lost my faith.

I do not know if I really left my body, it sure felt like it.  But, it may have been some sort of dream or vision.  Whatever the case, there can be no doubt that when matched with the words of the homeless man, this vision was from God.

List members, I might see Jesus a little different than the rest of you and my theological approach to scripture may be different, however, Jesus is my Lord, he is my saviour and there is not a day that goes by that I do not speak with him and think of him.

Peace and Eternal Blessings,

Mike Shaw

(4 December 1998 as sent to the Veg-Christian e-mail discussion group)

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