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Our backgrounds, our experiences, our encounters with God and His creation, and our education, all play a part in the manner in which we interpret the Bible. Following is one of these testimonies by a vegan lay person.

By Ashley

I am not sure if this is what you had in mind, but since we on the list think all God's creatures are of importance, I guess this would count.

I have a bug phobia. I freak out when I see them nearby, or on me. I have no good reason to be, since I was never scared of them in my childhood. Anyway, since becoming vegetarian, I will no longer intend to harm an insect. For example, stomp on them, spray bug poison, etc. Now, I will go out of my way to catch them in a jar, Kleenex, etc. so I can put them outside if they are trapped inside the house. Even though I am still scared of bugs, I make myself to it, because it makes a big difference to the bug I am letting go. And to tell you the truth, I am getting better at my "phobia." Becoming a vegetarian has allowed me to gain respect for all God's creatures, large and small. I have no right to decide who will live or die. I think that is up to God.

God bless,


(7 September 1998)

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