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The Souls and Spirits of Animals
Submitted by Frank L. Hoffman 23 Jan 98 <>

I hope to shortly publish my book, All Creatures Here Below, on our Web Site <> This book, which I wrote in 1983-4, was the outgrowth of a Biblical study seeking to understand what Scripture says about whether or not animals do or do not have souls and spirits. My conclusion was that they most definitely do have souls and spirits, just as we humans do.

As has recently been posted on , one cannot have a non-human animal member of their family and not recognize this dualism of their physical substance and the obviousness of their body being empowered by the spiritual forces within.

When my wife, Mary, and I first came to recognize Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, and were filled with the Holy Spirit, our eyes were opened to see this spiritual side of life, all life. It was this life-changing experience that led us to become vegetarians, and eventually vegans. We could no longer allow another being to suffer either for our existence or pleasure.

Unfortunately, most Christians seem to deny this truth, much in the way of Dean Ohlman's example of denying the existence of termites in your home, and desiring instead to kill the inspector who found them. But in this case, the messenger is the Holy Spirit; and unfortunately, in our wishing to deny this simple truth, we also harden our hearts to the other promptings He brings us.

It is in this hardness of heart that many Christians go along with the world economic position, and see no problem with destroying our environment including the killing the many other animals (human and otherwise) whom God has given us to be our companions and friends.

We have too long squelched the Holy Spirit, and denied His message of truth. It is time to stop.

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