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By Michael Shaw

One of the reason I think Christians should re-evaluate the traditional teachings that all of creation has fallen, is the possible consequences of not understanding the truth.

There has been in the western world a shortage of compassion towards, not only animals, but nature in general.  We continue to kill animals and treat them cruely.   We abuse our forests and other natural resorses, as we seem to have not respect for them.  I believe this stems from false understandings regarding God's creation and believing that it is fallen.

Some may argue that all nations do this, especially in the East.  This is true and we are both guilty. We here in the West have had the loving and compassionate teachings of Jesus, yet we seem too self centered to put them into actions.  The East has had the teachings of the Buddha, but, they too seem slow to listen or learn.

I believe, that if Christians begin to search out their scriptures and question the long standing traditions of mankind regarding fallen nature, we will find, rather than corruption, God's work in progress.  We then can understand better how live in such a world.

Rather, than seeing everything in opposition to God, the Bible seems quite clear that God is in control and working things out according to His own plans.  By seeing this, we can drop our "them and us mentality" and embrace a larger "all inclusive reality".

Peace and Eternal Blessings,
Mike Shaw

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