Luke 24:41-43

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Luke 24:41-43
Comments by Patti

Dear All,

I agree with Mike. The bible can and was written and interpreted in so many different ways. I do not rationalize what I do based on the bible, so I am not going to fall into the trap of trying to defend my beliefs and actions based on the bible. I leave that crutch to the non-thinkers to hang on to when they use the bible to say that is their justification for eating meat, because Jesus fed the masses fish! That is their favorite line!

God did not create us as robots. He gave us a mind to think and to evolve. Maybe he did not give us all the answers. He gave us a heart, feelings and emotions. (some of us he gave common sense!) We know what tortured animals go through just to feed meat eaters unnecessarily. Do we want to have this blood on our hands, NO. End of question. Was Jesus a vegetarian. I would certainly hope so. If he was not I would try to convince him to be one, but I would not eat animals whether Jesus did or not. I truly do not believe Jesus was a meat eater. Also, I do not believe Jesus ate meat just to satisfy his peers, to reach them so to speak. That is so unlike him.

I stopped eating red meat when I was 11 yrs. old and never went back. can't remember when I stopped eating chicken but I remember asking God for a sign whether it was wrong or not...not even 2 minutes later at a red light I read someone's bumper sticker: Meat Is Murder. I never ate it after that. Even before this I had eaten chicken on two separate occasions and both times I had nightmares. One was where I was being chased by lions. I found scripture in this: Live by the sword; die by the sword.

Thanks for listening,


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