Luke 24:41-43

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Luke 24:41-43
Comments by Michael Shaw

Dear Frank,

Regarding Luke 23:41-43. It is true what you say, and for those Christians who believe the Bible to be someway the dictated word of God, then they are left with this problem of how Jesus, be he prophet or God, could lower himself to eat the flesh of a dead animal.

New members will not be aware that I do not believe the Bible to be the word of God. I know for a fact that till the time of Constantine, there were bibles used by large numbers of Christians that supported vegetarianism. Constantine had these bibles banned and formed his own version... this is a matter of historical fact! I believe the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church states that Constantine had 30 of these bible written up as a bases for his new version of Christianity.

I believe, as John Davidson, author of the "Original Gospel of Jesus", that the first thing to go when ever a religion becomes part of the mass culture is vegetarianism. Mankind is lustful after flesh be it for eating or sex. Mankind seems driven by a madness, and I do not believe for any reason that Jesus would have followed this example of humanity.

As I have never tired of showing the list, the early church father's writings are full of quotes that Jesus and his disciples were all vegetarian. Further, the church father's writings also say that the earliest Christians were all called Essenes.. again, this is a matter of historical fact and not a matter of faith.

Modern Christians who want to be part of the masses and buy their green mini-vans, take property courses and make up justifications for not helping the poor can do so and they can cling to their Constantine Bible, but I for one will follow Jesus.

There are not two original manuscripts of the Bible that agree. There is no such thing as an inerrant bible, there never has been. Changes are still taking place in it, especially the NIV (not inspired version).

The NIV is the bible of choice by fundamentalists and yet it has had glaring changes made to it to make it say the opposite of any orignal manuscript.

From Constantine to modern NIV translators there has been an evil dark force that wishes to promote division and the passage from Luke is just one example.

The references in the early writings that not only Jesus and his disciples were vegetarian, but so too were many of the early church fathers are too numerous to ignor.

Peace and Eternal Blessings,

Mike Shaw

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