Luke 24:41-43

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Luke 24:41-43
Comments by Dave Fullmer

You are wise to seek out the truth concerning your views. I fully respect your comments on Luke 24:41-43, yet I would like to offer a thought or two. First, I am a small family farmer who understands the difference between animal welfare and animal rights. I cannot, however, condone the industrial agri-business exploitation of animals. My conscience bears witness to the reality I see everyday. In Luke, though, it is obvious that Jesus took the food, which did include fish, and ate it. He was, as you stated, showing the disciples that He had risen in physical form. Many witnessed this fact of history, and believe in a risen Christ. Jesus also, as He grew up, practiced all of the rigorous customs of His faith, including the Passover. As is stated several times in the new testament, Jesus partook of the Passover, celebrating the liberation of Jews from Egyptian bondage. This liberation, as I'm sure you know, came when the Angel of Death passed over the Jews. They were instructed to cover their door lentils with the blood of a lamb. In the Passover observance, the meal that Jesus and His disciples ate was symbolic of the sacrifice of the lamb and the covering of the blood. To be in strict observance of the Passover, Jews ate of the Passover lamb. Jesus followed the law and shared this meal with his followers.

However, the real issue is not whether He was a vegetarian or not, but what His work on the cross means to you and I. From the Bible, I see that Christ's work on the cross established a new covenant with Jew and Gentile alike. In Christ, we are free from sin, created for good works, saved by grace, not from our own doing. Personally, I believe that Christ freed me from legalism, yet His commandments are no less direct. Love the Lord God with all your heart, strength, and mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself. When Peter began his work for Christ in Acts, he soon received a vision from God. In Acts 11:5-9, Peter was shown that "what God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy". This revealed to Peter that he must not show partiality in telling gentiles and Jews about Jesus. What customs one uses are not what is important, it is only that Christ be shared in the world. This does not give me license to kill and eat animals any more than it gives others license to kill and eat vegetables. Therefore, it also is no reason to become in bondage to one custom or religious practice over another. Eating meat is no more a sin than eating ochre,(which is quite good, mind you). What we do to animals (or plants) out of wanton gluttony is another matter. Judge for yourselves, if the Holy Spirit is in you, whether you are in sin or not. I, in fear of God, have no wish to judge any man.

Seeking His Will,
Dave Fullmer

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