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By Albert - 1 Aug 2015

Regarding Pythagoras it's said: "As for his own diet, 'he was satisfied (says Porphyry) 'with honey or the honeycomb, or with bread only, and he did not taste wine from morning to night; or his principal dish was often kitchen herbs, cooked or uncooked. Fish he ate rarely.' "

"He sacrificed to the gods millet and honeycomb, but not animals. [Again] He forbade his disciples to sacrifice oxen." —Iamblichus: Life of Pythagoras"

Notice the repeated reference to "Honeycomb". Also though I don't know the wording in Porphyry's Greek, but "Fish he ate rarely" sounds like "the part of a Fish" of Luke 24:42. It makes me wonder whether this description was understood by some in antiquity as indicating abstinence from flesh. It does seem at least an odd coincidence anyhow.

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