Luke 24:41-43

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Luke 24:41-43
Comments by Jayson - 20 Nov 2008

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ:

You all said that Luke 24:41 is a forgery? And that only the gospel of Luke recorded this story and not the rest of the gospels? How do you explain when the criminals told Jesus to remember Him when he reached His kingdom, the other gospel writers did not record that. Is that a forgery too? Or how about the gospel of John, when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, the other gospel writers did not record this one. Is this a forgery too? How dare you say it's a forgery!! Every scripture is breathed by God!! It is good for teaching, rebuking, and for correcting in righteousness!! The writers of the gospels had different recollections but it's still inspired by God. Not eating meat or eating meat will not get us closer to God as Paul said, only Jesus Christ can and will fulfill that! So please stop this nonsense!

God bless, in Christ!

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