Luke 24:41-43Luke 24:41-43
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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 21 Nov 2008

Dear Jayson:

We're not all saying that Luke 24:42-43 is a forgery, but that there are conflicts with the other Gospels, and that Luke is the only Gospel writer who wasn't there at the time. Also, this is the only place in any of the Gospels, or for that matter, anywhere in the New Testament, that we are told that Jesus ate any animal flesh, which puts this passage out of context with the rest of the Bible. This passage could have been inadvertently corrupted by a scribe during early transcribing or copying; we just don't know.

The other examples you cite about Luke's Gospel are not out of context with the rest of the Gospels, even though it has details of events not covered in the other Gospels.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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