Luke 24:41-43

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Luke 24:41-43
Comments by John Vujicic - 22 May 2007

I commend you for promoting vegetarianism. But I could not resist writing after reading the article concerning whether Jesus ate fish or just honey on the night after his morning resurrection. The text of Luke 24:41-43 has been often used to prove that Jesus was not a vegetarian since he ate fish. Some try to argue that he ate only honey. Vegans could not accept either position. However, it is very simple to demonstrate from the synoptic gospels themselves that the text of Luke concerning Jesus' first appearance on Sunday night during which he allegedly ate either fish or honey or both did not happen since other two gospels, Matthew and Mark, clearly show that Jesus was not in Jerusalem on Sunday night and that his first appearance to the disciples did not take place on Sunday night in Jerusalem but rather some time later in Galilee.

To prove this fact I am sending you an excerpt from one of my books (Did Jesus Eat Fish? (Luke 24:41-43)) which clearly demonstrates that Jesus did not and could not have eaten fish or honey before his disciples on Sunday night.

Yours sincerely,

John Vujicic

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