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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark


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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark
By Noelene - 8 Jan 2013

In Reference to: Commentary by Frank L. Hoffman


As I read it, God told man at the start that he was given ‘every herb bearing seed........this shall be to you as meat...’  etc., in Genesis.  But man turned to his coarser nature, and enjoyed killing and eating animals, excusing how that made him feel by making it an appeasing ‘sacrifice’ to God, whom he considered a vengeful God (because of the misrepresentations of God’s nature, by the Council of Nicene – 553A.D.)

So (again, as I understand), God saw man was going ahead in his sinful way, and said ‘above all you may not eat of those with the cloven hoof’.   Man is supposed to strive towards the attributes of God;  God does not have man’s nature in its weak aspects!   So wherever man appears to be obeying orders from God, in acting cruelly, sacrificing and so on,  I can’t help but believe that it is man ‘pulling the wool over’ his own eyes and acting as he wishes – or the writer has misinterpreted what happened.   

I don’t believe God EVER asked man to kill anything;   but He had given man free-will,   He saw what man did with that choice, but He didn’t agree with it!