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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark


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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark
By Sara - 10 Oct 2012

In Reference to: Commentary by Frank L. Hoffman


I have tried to understand this verse as well, so you are not alone!  I also find this along with other verses disturbing, it just does not (to me) describe God's compassion for HIS creation. 

I have been taught that every word in the Bible is from God and He instructed man to write His words.  I have said in the past that just because GOD says so, doesn't mean man DOES so.   God gave all of us a highly functional brain along with the capability to exercise the morals, values and ethics in any given situation. 

I know that every human has a choice, but when that human chooses to inflict pain and suffering on another living being for entertainment, profit or they just think they are entitled, I don't feel that is in line with God.  I think that is following Satan.  The purpose for animals thousands of years ago WAS THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!!

What has and is happening to animals in the last few centuries and presently is an abomination.  If God approves of any of this then I am living a delusion.