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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark


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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark
By Barb - 10 Oct 2012

In Reference to: Commentary by Frank L. Hoffman

Thank you Sara -

I was worried that everyone else actually believed these things - that God was capable of such horrid things - none of it made sense to me - I only know that I do not trust men with evil hearts to put their own feelings down on paper and then say it was God. What could they possibly know about the Love of God for His Creation? How sad that we have so much violence in bibles because people who harm others use it as their excuse. I love the principles of Buddhists and I once read that the words of Jesus are similar.

It was as if I was reading things that Satan would say or do, not a loving God. Perhaps the men who wrote the books of the bible were influenced by evil.