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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark


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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark
By Barb - 10 Oct 2012

In Reference to: Commentary by Frank L. Hoffman

I went to a podiatrist yesterday and there were bibles in the waiting room. I read about Noah in Genesis. When Noah and his family and the animals got off the ark, Noah sacrificed animals and it said that God found "the smell soothing". When I got home I looked in my 2 bibles at home. One said "sweet savor", the other said "pleasing scent". I am just at the beginning of the bible and it is distressing. I have been told it gets much worse.

Question:  Did God really say/think this?  I cannot imagine why. Also, meat-eaters cherry pick the bible finding all the instances where God condones/allows/demands animal sacrifice and cruelty. Do we, as plant-eaters cherry pick the bible also?

If so, isn't the bible a contradiction? And perhaps written by meat-eating mortal men hundreds of years after the fact?

I am trying to keep God in my heart and forget about this Book which probably seems Normal to all of you who have been reading it for years, while, as a newcomer to religion / faith, I find the bible disturbing. How does a person pray to a God who finds the scent of innocent betrayed burning bodies Soothing? Is the bible itself  false? But God is Love and Real? I hope so.