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By C. L. "Chuck" Troupe - 16 Apr 2004

I truly believe that enough has been said on the subject of Evolution v. Creation.  At least I think I have said all I wish to say on the matter.  Evolutionists can rationalize it until they are blue in the face but these facts remain:

(1) If any person believes in Supernatural Creation,  they do so purely on the basis of faith.

(2) If any person believes in Evolution (of any kind), they do so on the basis of faith.  The difference?  The Creationists admit it, and the Evolutionists will not.

But, I actually  "rested my case"  after my last posting.  However I would like to briefly respond to just a few things, and then Mr. Knauer can have the last word.

Mr. Knauer said:

This is why I brought up the concept of genesis "kind"; If you say that "every winged fowl after his kind" in 1:21 refers to "birds" that is significantly different from saying it means "each bird species...".

It sure seems to me that the description of    "every winged fowl"  (coupled with)  "after his kind" would not be so difficult to understand.  It is not me saying it. This was written a few thousand years ago. Unlike some scientists, we can't go back and keep redefining our terms.

Mr. Knauer said:

Of course, if you are a young earth creationist, then what I am saying might seem foolish; after all, variation, changes in geographical distribution, etc. often take quite a bit of time to accumulate. I look forward to seeing if Mr. Troupe considers the earth to be ~6K years old....

I am indeed a creationist, but I do not know how old the earth is.  Usher's Chronology is exactly that.  Usher's - not the Bible's.  The Bible does not say how old the earth is, but it does allow for some time gaps.  Whether these gaps are great periods of time or short ones is open to debate.

But let me tell Mr. Knauer what I think he really wants to know:  If the Bible did say that the earth is 6,000 years old, then that is what I would believe.

Mr. Knauer said:

A general feeling I got reading Mr. Troupe's reply was that random events weren't really all that random; for example:  "Sterile, sick, deformed and inferior fruit flies! These planned and deliberate mutations have never produced a "new" species."

...I find the concept of a 'planned mutation' somewhat amusing; it is as if to say that a lottery with a million people playing somehow plans who the winner will be among those playing (we're talking a fairly run lottery, mind you ;). Historically speaking, scientists who induced mutations in plants and animals had no control over what genes were being mutated.

Sorry, I guess I failed to make myself clear.  When I say  "planned and deliberate mutations"  I am stating only the fact that bombarding these fruit flies with radiation, and saturating them with chemicals is done deliberately, and the purpose (or plan) is to produce mutations - and there are no winners.  ALL of these laboratory mutations are either harmful or fatal.

No comment on the Smith name story.  Argument by analogy can be quite effective, but the illustrations should at least be on point.  The story of the Smith name has nothing to do with the subject matter.

Mr. Knauer said:

In  terms of  flight,  both insects and birds  can fly,  but  the wings  that allow them to do so are completely different...  ...if a competent creator is assumed;  why should there be three different ways of doing the same thing  (four if you count insects)? ... Surely one would be better than the others and thus would have been picked... ...The evolutionary solution was that pre-existing structures were modified to do the task.

The "creationary" solution makes just as much sense as the "evolutionary" one.  God made them that way!  But why aren't you asking the same absurd questions about man-made flight?  Like, why do we have helicopters?   Surely the existing fixed wing concept was more than adequate! And what about the Wankel internal combustion engine?  Why?  Why?  Why?

I think I will go ahead and close out here.  In spite of all the claims (and there have been many) the fact remains, evolution is a religion based on faith.

C.L. (Chuck) Troupe

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