The Faith of Evolution and Distortions of Biblical HistoryThe Faith of Evolution And Distortions of Biblical History
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By George Majdak - 13 Dec 2005

While I find most of the articles well worth reading, I am disappointed at the constant shunning of science. This adds your articles to the host of others that seem insist upon selecting either creation or evolution, An either-or situation. First of all, evolution certainly has it's issues and weaknesses, with this I have no arguments. But evolution has nothing to do with the creation, but merely mans attempt to explain the apparent progression of life, a method by which it could occur. It has nothing to say about the initial cause (God). Biogenesis, the study of life from non-life has nothing yet to say about this. Why would science be dismissed so readily? It is science that unveiled gravity and the atomic theory which allowed us to travel in space and have electricity in our homes. Certainly science has been able to understand some of the physical laws God infused into the creation or neither would have been possible.

It must be understood that post Genesis 1:1, there were two entities...God and his creation. His creation must have been infused with the physical and natural laws necessary for it to work. This is certainly sufficient enough for me to attribute this wonderful creation to God. However, he created man within his creation and the necessary senses and capacity to learn. The only thing that man can learn and obtain some level of truth is of the physical creation and the laws that govern it. That is not to say that man can certainly misinterpreted data and come to incorrect conclusions, but it is man who also interprets the bible and is just as capable of drawing the wrong conclusions. You leave no room for this possibility.

Because we learn from within God's creation, we can only be learning of God. Science and religion must be reconciled. This may mean we occasionally need to go back to the bible and start again. It should not be science that is always wrong. Nor is it that the bible is wrong, but our views as Christians are often narrow focused and at times dogmatic, or arguments weak as they are typically circular and resort to the final resting place of faith. While faith is required, we can advance Christianity much further in this world by using what science has learned, and showing how it truly supports a divine supreme being as many scientists admit and that I truly believe.

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