The Faith of Evolution and Distortions of Biblical HistoryThe Faith of Evolution And Distortions of Biblical History
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By William Trubee - 26 Oct 2005

Re: Comments by C. L. Troupe - 21 Nov 2003

I tend to believe more of what I see than what I hear which hopefully won't spell my demise at the next unlighted railroad crossing. But I am leaving up to the next fossil find, developments that may shed more light on our origin. To think that the Earth's surface has flipped over only once, would be like assuming that it had only flipped fifty times. These are our only real records, after all, and will continue to stay in motion. Creationists says all answers are in the Bible. Were that so apparent we would not be having this exciting debate.

I will share that I was interested in the author's ability to debate all the way up to paragraph twenty-two when the term "nonsense" in defense of creation was used. The use of this term changes whatever value this paper may have had in the way of debate into argument. The debate now is more over should I continue waisting my precious time?

Paragraph thirty-two suggests "Evolution is simply a myth". To that I suggest creation is simply poof... and I have leaves to rake.

William Trubee

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