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Stop Cruelty in Churches


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Stop Cruelty in Churches
By Lisa - 26 Sep 2012

Comments on our Campaign: Stop Cruelty in Churches

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for your reply.  Yes, I finally was able to catch the plecos.  It took me almost all day.  Had to drain the pond.  It is not easy when you are 65 years old.  lol.  An aquarium in Carrolton will take it.  So that is a good thing, because the pet store where I originally bought it, wouldn't do it.

Anyway, I will check the website you recommended for recipes.  Because to tell you the truth, I wouldn't know where to start in order to get all the necessary protein, etc. etc. 

Also, I will read all the available articles/sermons on your webpage.  My road to knowing and learning about our Creator has been a long and frustrating one.  It seems that the more you know the more you realize how little we know. 

By the way, my parents were Ukrainian Orthodox, so I was baptized in an Orthodox church.  Went to a Catholic school in Buenos Aires and also Chicago.  And later on had no affiliation with any of them.  Briefly attended a Messianic group here in Dallas.  I believe the Spirit told me to leave that group.  Attended 7th day Adventist, but never pursued for long.  So to tell you the truth I don't belong to any organization and my reasons are various.  I do pray to our Creator everyday, and try to keep the Sabbath...but not doing so good.  My hope is that we all find mercy and forgiveness, because none of us is perfect.