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Stop Cruelty in Churches


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Stop Cruelty in Churches
By Lisa - 25 Sep 2012

Comments on our Campaign: Stop Cruelty in Churches

Hi,  as I am reading the Bible and question a lot....especially the animal sacrifices, I came upon your web page and my mind is going crazy.  Anyway, just a hypotheses...I don't know if I am trying to justify something...who knows but could it be that the agricultural group went east and they are the present-day Buddhist? (although not all Buddhist are vegetarian) and the meat eaters went west?  Hebrews? and created for themselves a tribal god?

I am not a vegetarian...yet, but I do love animals and I cry when I see some of them die.  Just to share something I am trying to catch a plecos which I bought for my pond in the Spring.  Unbeknown to me, they cannot live in water that is colder than 70 degrees.   I just hate to see it die.  It is sooo hard to catch it because he is black and you can hardly see it, and evasive.  I may have to drain my pond just so I can find it. 

Anyway, I hope I find the strength to change my diet, because I did questioned meat eating vs non-meat for quite sometime now.