Stop Cruelty in Churches


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Stop Cruelty in Churches
By Nigel - 25 Aug 2012

Comments on our Campaign: Stop Cruelty in Churches

Welcome Barb,

Great to see a fellow supporter and animal lover here. Like yourself, I was both dismayed and disgusted (and of course still am) at how people who claim to be Christians violating and killing animals and consuming their flesh.

These people have a lot to learn!! I've been a Christian for over 21 years now, but I'm afraid I only became vegetarian not so long ago.. however now that I am, the Lord has shown me that being late is better than never at all. I did however stop consuming pork and bacon some years ago, due to my love for pigs. By becoming a fulltime vegetarian now,

I feel so blessed and it gives me great encouragement to see fellow animal lovers like yourself who are abhorred at the evil suffering imposed on God's creatures by none other than the human race. Let us all stand together and tell the world that the killing of animals is WRONG, and the consumption of their flesh is also wrong, not to mention unhealthy.

With blessings from the Lord and best wishes