Stop Cruelty in Churches


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Stop Cruelty in Churches
By Joyce - 25 Aug 2012

Comments on our Campaign: Stop Cruelty in Churches

Welcome Barb!

I too struggle with the disconnect that Christians make with eating meat.  I have tried to explain that Christianity is completely incompatible with eating meat based on Christ's compassion, among many things.  I struggle to understand about how godly compassion somehow doesn't extend to animals. 

My veg journey happened after arriving at a series of God-engineered conclusions in which I realized that eating meat was completely contrary to my beliefs as a Christ follower.  I attend a small Christian Reformed church plant and there are a few other 'vegs' at church.  People at my church are open and sympathetic to animal issues but, largely, the disconnect is still there.  But sometimes people choose to be blind even when faced with horrible truths simply because it's easy not to care or get involved!

What a tragedy, eh?  Humanity's violence is a result of this nasty little 'sin' issue we're stuck with for the time being.  We all struggle to do our very best.  And at the end of the day we have to feel okay with whatever battle we are able in engage in.  

We are a lively and engaging group with the occasional 'no holds barred' approach in our discussions!  :)  But we're all on the same page!  I consider the other people here to be true compatriots and peers!  :-)

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