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Shooting Ourselves in the Foot Articles:
The Sanitizing of Violence in Our Society
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 11 Dec 2012

In Reference to: MEDICAL RESEARCH: The Story of Malish, the Tormented Macaque

Dear Laurel:
Thank you for writing.
We well understand your anger at the way animals are treated, and your anger with God for not stepping in to put an end to all the exploitation of animals.
However, according to the Bible, God seems to have placed that responsibility in our hands. Jesus call upon us to be peacemaking children of God, and Paul picks up on this and tells us that it will be the peacemaking children of God who will free creation from its present corruption. And, in the more than 30 years of our working in this field, we have seen some positive signs that we are making some headway. We just can't give up. We all need to speak out and make a positive difference in this world.
We hope this helps.
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In the Love of the Lord,
Frank and Mary