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Shooting Ourselves in the Foot Articles


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Shooting Ourselves in the Foot Articles:
The Sanitizing of Violence in Our Society
By Laurel - 10 Dec 2012

In Reference to: MEDICAL RESEARCH: The Story of Malish, the Tormented Macaque

It is impossible to look at these pictures - for me, I am an empathic person and my stomach clenches and my heart pounds hard. 

I cannot touch this monkey; I cannot reach through the computer screen and remove the blasphemy that calls itself 'science' to so use animals.  It is as though Josef Mengele is back. 

Anytime you give a human so much control over a small creature, or a child, please look the other way.  Science!  It is torture, and a waste.  Duplicating projects we know about.  "Does pinching hard make a puppy bark?"  Stupid.  Stupid.  "Does pouring acid on skin make it burn?"  All I can say is 'blasphemy'. 

God is a thug to allow us to be supreme.  Great shame on all people who have no empathy, no pity, no conscience.  The wheel turns, and to every person comes a day.