Are We a Nation of Sociopaths?


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Are We a Nation of Sociopaths?
Comments by Greg Lawson - 8 Dec 2010

It's sad, but so true, Frank, the things you said in that email.

Unvegans often complain that we see ourselves as holier than thou, but I'm sorry...I can't help but feel morally superior.

I can't help but equate the meat habituated masses with zombies who shamble through their lives mindlessly moaning for more. A zombie is completely unable to feel empathy, remorse, shame or guilt.

I've been on a zombie fiction reading jag for quite a while now, and I think it's because I see the metaphor, often unrealized by the wave of people who have made zombies the new vampires in popular fiction.

Unlike the curse of the zombie apocalypse as it is often portrayed, there is a cure, there is still a hope of escape, of rebuilding civilization, of regaining Eden, of salvation, of enlightenment.

The Walking Dead can be returned to life, and I think that's what we are both working so hard to do.

If only it were so easy as dunking them in a river [baptism].

Yours for a better world,