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By Janine - 23 Jun 2018

In Reference to: 17 June 2018 - Manipulating God Never Works

Dearest Frank and Mary,

...some benefits are not equivalent to same benefits

...what does that above sentence mean?

Well, just because the benefits of put-on laughter are not the "same" as genuine laughter that doesn't mean that there could not be SOME benefits, all the same!

Granted, there is a huge difference when it is general mirth or laughing as an "exercise" and not being amused (not hearing someone tell a joke in order to "make" you laugh)...

Often people find a hard time laughing at other people's jokes, even though they might smile at them, because they "see" the humor, but don't really FEEL that it's all that funny. Even though someone might have a good sense of humor and be able to make others laugh, they have difficulties sometimes being brought to mirth, not because they are slow-witted, but it's quite an effort to laugh for those people for some reason or another.

The "benefits" of laughing spontaneously, when you hear others laugh and know you're not really laughing because you've been "tickled" or amused, or been told something funny, but that you're doing it for the physical "uplifting" feeling, and the release of chemicals in the brain that are positive and healing and the energy is upbeat and happy and causes "positive" things to happen in the mind that spills over to the body, which replaces sadness, "fixes" all sorts of ailments (which is why laughter is the best medicine, quite true) and these "benefits" by far outweigh some benefit that might be different from a "genuine laughter" type of reaction. 

The laughter that is "forced" if done often enough in a group, meaning the one who goes to a Laughter-Yoga meeting with other people there just for the purpose of laughing out loud, they "expect" to be laughing with everyone else (it's a "group-effect") and because they expect it, after a number of times simply doing it, it becomes easier and easier, and no longer is faked, but becomes genuine automatically and is a welcome feeling, releasing bad pent-up energy that has no outlet, and does so many good things to all areas of the body in need of healing, it's incredible! Try it, the two of you, Mary and Frank together, looking at one another, making funny faces at one another, watching a video of laughter yoga in action to get the idea and let me know if it was painful, or difficult, or strained, or ridiculous, or "foreign" or felt wrong. 

If a person had been reprimanded for laughing as a child, they might feel inhibited. In some countries people put a hand over their mouth when they laugh instinctively because they were told that laughing was bad... it all depends on ones upbringing how comfortable one is (if you're a librarian you probably frown on laughter especially if it's loud!) At laughter yoga, the louder the laugh, the easier the benefits are felt, stifling laughter is not recommended at these meetings! :) 


Hugs, Smiles, Fun,

xo  xo


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