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By Janine - 20 Mar 2018

In Reference to: 11 March 2018 - Fighting God Never Solves Anything

Dear Frank and Mary,

Before I give the talk in the Synagogue, in a few months time, may I consult with you about it, please?

Even though some people might feel uncomfortable, and I might be banned from ever talking again, in public, at the Synagogue, it is worth voicing the "voice of" the oppressed, who cannot talk, share how our precious sentient fellow-creatures here on G-d's Earth that we share space with, feel pain... 

For the Land is not ours, for we are on it but a short period of time, for it belongs to G-d doesn't it? Who will be "here" to take care of it, when man is no longer on it if we "destroy" it? I strongly believe, that with each animal type going into extinction, we are killing off the planet. Therefore, we're fully responsible and it is up to us to start changing and living more harmoniously with all living beings, do you not agree? Blessings, Love,

Hugs and Smiles,


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