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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 13 Feb 2018

In Reference to: 16 October 2011 - He Prayeth Best, Who Loveth Best

Hi Mark:

Thank you for your reply also.

Even during the time of Jesusí incarnation, there was considerable discussion about whether God or the priests instituted the sacrificial system when they returned from Babylon in the time of Ezra, and modern scholars confirm it came from the priests. God wants obedience and not sacrifice.

And donít forget that the whole sacrificial system ended in the year 70 AD, and ever since the Jews have used unleavened bread and wine instead.

And as we mentioned previously, there were vegetarian sects that prepared the Passover without any sacrifice or animal flesh or blood, and since nothing is mentioned to the contrary, Jesus and His disciple celebrated the Passover in the same way.

If we really look at Godís heavenly will, we will see that there should be no human caused pain, suffering, and death, and Jesus taught us to live and pray this way.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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