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By Mark - 12 Feb 2018

In Reference to: 16 October 2011 - He Prayeth Best, Who Loveth Best

Thanks for the reply. I believe since God instituted the sacrifice of animals in the old testament, then it cannot be a sin to kill an animal. While I believe we should never be cruel to animals, killing an animal for food is not necessarily cruel. The Apostle Paul said we should not eat food sacrificed to idols, he put no other restrictions on diet. All the Apostles celebrated the Jewish festivals. I can't believe that none of them ate meat at these feasts. While I believe there should be moderation in all things. I see no evidence in scripture that eating meat is sinful. If that is your conviction then God bless. I will not try to burden you with eating any particular thing. And I believe it is proper to ask you for the same courtesy. God bless . 


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