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By Janine 20 Sep 2017

In Reference to: 17 September 2017 - Think Like Jesus Christ

Dearest Frank and Mary,

For the past week now I've been hosting a former "best-friend" of mine from when I was in High School (we attended the same private "Church of Tabeetha School" (Church of Scotland in origin) and I have been leading-by-example) for example by preparing all vegan meals, which she finds delicious but a couple of times during her stay had asked me to get her the standard "milk and eggs" that most non-vegans put on their shopping list... (she didn't even want to "try" the almond milk, old habits die hard, people are lead to believe the HAVE to have these products, etc., etc., etc...)

...anyway, I just wanted to say "BRAVO" and kudos on an excellently written sermon, since she is Christian (mother Christian and Father not, they come from Taiwan (Republic-of-China) formerly known as Formosa) it's not that the others sermons aren't equally good, it's just that you have the "knack" for always seemingly having an appropriate sermon for whatever it is I need to pass on, your messages ring true and clear, and the effect is stunning!!!

Very impressed! IT's thanks to you, Frank for helping "open people's eyes" to the facts and what's REALLY going on today in our lives, like making the walls transparent, and getting the truth out there!

Your sermon, Think like Jesus Christ is phenomenal! Simply OUTSTANDING one of the best of its kind!!! Keep up the good work. You are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your good efforts!!!!!!!!!



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