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By Janine - 9 Jul 2017

In Reference to: 9 July 2017 - Trusting God

Dear Frank & Mary,

Thank you for creating and sharing your excellent sermon and for continuing to have faith and trust in G-d patiently, for G-d gives abundantly, and there is no actual lacking, even if it takes time to realize the change, no matter how small it is, change is positive, and cumulative, when it is in the right direction, that of doing G-d's will.

Your sermon validated something I went through yesterday, Frank and Mary, with a similar situation, involving trusting in G-d, and as a consequence, my getting great results! We had a very small group of about a dozen or so participant, yesterday, seated around the Bible Study Group table yesterday afternoon, following the Shabbat morning services at Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue...

I had prepared another one of my explanations about veganism, (not sure if I mentioned when I spoke in front of the whole congregation during the services, when I provided a "Dvar Torah" towards the end of last month (in fact it was just a couple of weeks ago) which is a customized explanation of how the verses of the Torah Bible portion of Korach apply in my life) about that experience, which also ended to be more positive than I had anticipated) and in which I had mentioned the upcoming three-week vegan challenge...

Now, this time, it was a much smaller group, as mentioned in the first paragraph, above...but anyway, out of the twelve there present, FOUR told me, that YES, they would accept my 21-day challenge to go vegan during those three weeks, and those are the weeks between two fast days, the fast of Tamuz and Tisha B'Av, where Orthodox Jews anyway refrain from eating chicken, beef, fish or other meat, for the beginning days of the month of Av, as a Jewish rule of law, so it makes sense from a Jewish perspective to conduct this challenge, during this time! 

The point is, that although I was afraid that hardly anyone would be receptive, I trusted in G-d, and am so thrilled that one third of the group had accepted this challenge! Now, I am anticipating having the pleasure of answering questions and being able to "sponsor" those in need of moral support, or other help, as well! I've exchanged telephone numbers and email addresses with those on this challenge!

More good news: Vegan Rabbi Shlomy Yanklovitz (I think you know he who is, don't you?) He founded the Shamayim V'Aretz Institute (Heaven and Earth) and he has just put out a challenge to be able to choose from all the synagogues that applied, just five out of them, who would commit to the challenge to go vegan and those five would get up to $5,000 for vegan-food expenses and other related vegan promotional material (like flyers, for example, or vegan booklets, etc.) but they would need to respond by 1st Aug coming up very soon, Are there any synagogues you might wish to let them know about this challenge? I hope this will be repeated in Churches, too!


Hugs, and Smiles,

xo xo


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