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By Janine - 8 Jan 2017

In Reference to: 8 January 2017 - Love Everyone

Dearest Frank,

Your sermon of today about "Love Everyone" an all creatures sermon really touched my heart greatly today, Frank!

I have been communicating verbally on the telephone with an individual (he's an educator) in Eilat who is putting together a program to introduce a compulsory class at elementary and high schools on the subject of the vegan lifestyle to be taught weekly in Israel. Israel already has a vegetarian Prime Minister, and hopefully the next president will be vegan!

There is a political Israeli powerful party that is called:  צדק לכל which stands for "Justice for All" that follows the notion of veganism as the only proper way to exist, saving the ecology, justice for all humans as well as non-human beings (animal rights activists being a voice for the voiceless animals) and human rights as well, even to the extent of explaining the notion of the "other" and why that is against G-d's compassionate nature (we're all brethren, aren't we?) rather look to that which is common (all breathing in the air, shouldn't we be striving to coexist peacefully then, rather than finding fault or looking at differences)?

Just wanted briefly to mention something about the term for the devil that you referred to, the name of Belial

It stems, I believe from the two Hebrew words:


(which means without)


Al (or which could also be pronounced as El which stands for G-d!)

Therefore, that which is the devil, is the ABSENCE of G-d, for the devil does not embrace G-dliness, does this connection, Frank, seemingly sound to you to be correct?



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