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By Janine - 26 Dec 2016

In Reference to: 25 December 2016 - Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Dear Frank,

WOW- how very POWERFUL! Am very inspired and encouraged Frank, and thanks for this marvelous sermon, that simply says it all!!!

I do believe that across the universe, like-minded spiritual individuals inspire one another and often talk of the same passages in the Bible using similar words, whether they are verbs, adjectives, nouns, or other descriptive symbols or concepts that inspire us greatly. Saturday morning I attended a Bible Class, and the speaker who is a female originally from Israel and the proud Rabbi of a congregation that convenes inside a Church, located near Sunset Blvd in Brentwood, spoke of this same "Tremble" and emphasized this feeling, with great impact. Her name is Rabbi Miriam (the Hebrew form of Mary).

It is truly amazing, Frank, how parallel of a discussion we all had, that is reflected in your most recent sermon. When (about what time, and on what day) were you sitting down, while you were writing it, do you remember?

Am now just reading your sermon, and it seems to me as if you had physically been in the same room as the rest of us listeners (in the above mentioned Bible class) and it is almost as if you have absorbed spontaneously, telepathically and spiritually much of what was exchanged, a situation that hints to me that these are TRUE words of G-dliness that came because of your Divine Inspiration, Frank.

We also spoke of past present and future, and nature and man's "arrogance" (making dangerous changes and disregarding the "blueprint" (G-d's Divine purpose as he laid out before us) in his Instruction Manual (which is the definition of what the word "Torah" actually encompasses) and certainly, you have hit upon similar notions, especially about how to replace what used to be animal sacrifices and we certainly can make a difference by our actions in the present, bravo for all of what you are doing and keep it up, for you are WONDERFUL Frank.

By the way, they NEVER serve meat in the social gatherings following prayers which is a step in the right direction, hopefully they'll see the light to become fully vegan (am talking about the main difference between their concept and the full picture which they haven't yet grasped entirely, but change is possible still!!!) Do you have a list of vegan Churches where they're actually completely vegan, already, Frank?

I can imagine at your home both Mary and you are most definitely vegan. Yesterday I made vegan "Latkes" that were raw, Kosher, organic, gluten-free, made out of sweet yams, sweet purple potatoes, (these look absolutely gorgeous by the way, almost too good to eat) and persimmon (helps make them stick) and some seeds (flax-which is also binding) chia, and sunflower and soaked & sprouted quinoa minced garlic and organic herbs from the garden... they were formed into star-of-David shapes and made in a dehydrator (less than 118 degrees, still "raw") and homemade organic apple-sauce, and a side dish of "spiralized" zucchini pasta with homemade marinara sauce and a HUGE salad...

Sorry I missed your Skype while I am resting, recuperating from another injury, not spending too much time online presently, will catch up next time...



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