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By Janine - 21 Dec 2016

In Reference to: 18 December 2016 - Jesus, Our Christmas Gift

Dear Frank,

WOW!!! Amazing, am very inspired-LOVED your sermon about Jesus, as our Gift for X-mas, Frank!!!

Perfect timing, too! What JOY!!!! Very uplifting, indeed, and I thank you for sharing this sermon, tremendously

You have incorporated many loving concepts in this sermon, Frank, that inherently bring together such touching all-inclusive and utterly amazing graceful connections. Here are five words that come to mind, immediately upon reading your sermon very lovingly, Frank, as follows, and I'll explain my viewpoint, as well, because I am extremely grateful for your help in guiding me to follow the right path, and not to be discouraged. The world is indeed an array of bewildering circumstances, but your knack at shining the everlasting light is appreciated greatly! Here's are those important elements of your most recent sermon that you touched upon (scratching the surface of, to be expounded on again, and again, of course) but they are to be summed up simply, as follows:

(1.)  Love;

(2.)  Peace;

(3.)  Gratitude;

(4.)  Forever-and-ever-after (Our Father always and endlessly with us, as we choose to accept His GREATEST gift of all, that never ends)... and consequently, this love continues to magnify!!! Thanks especially for this one; and,

(5.)  Hope! For now, we can be assured of the Divine path when we CHOOSE the right way, and turn violence into compassion by our actions, avoiding the sins of our forefathers, and recognizing the empathy and reverence for all life and for goodness, right? WE should know better!!!

By the way, I detected a slight importance about following the reason for how Leah (first wife of Jacob, who is then called "Israel" (instead of by his former name, "Jacob,") since he went through an amazing change, no longer "tied" to the notion of being at Essau's heel to which he clung to, upon being born, and began a new "chapter" because it is thought that the Blessed Virgin Mary is possibly a direct descendent of this Leah, and therefore, follows as an explanation of why she was probably "chosen" by G-d to be Jesus' mother, (of the appropriate Messianic roots) does this not make sense at all, or am I only seeing one side of the story?

Not too long ago I'd sent you a link to an interesting talk by David Sacks, who speaks and records Biblical Study through his narrative about such things, amidst this "outrageous world" that we live in, striving to find the compassion that we are yearning for but not always successful in finding answers for, and he also looks at Biblical interpretations through mysticism, and/or Rabbinic sages' comments, delving deep into inspirational messages that can make a positive difference in how we perceive the Divine and what to make of it all, for it is truly AMAZING, and thank you, Frank for being "tuned in," and being guided by G-d!!!! Keep writing, you're outstanding, and truly BLESSED and remarkable!

By the way, when my genealogy map was created at Oxford Ancestors, it shows through my DNA that without a doubt, I do have ancient Norwegian heritage, of the "Clan of Helena" one of the Seven Daughters of Eve, and my Hebrew name is given to me, calling me after one of my great-great-grandmother's who's name was also Hana (which in English was translated to Janine) and her name was Hana Bat-Hacohen (daughter of the Priest) which is probably why I am extremely interested in your sermons, and in all things Holy!

P.S. did you ever study Esperanto? I have a feeling you did study some Greek, and probably Latin (you're very good with English "roots" of words and interpreting subtle meanings)... surprisingly I just found out that Esperanto is gaining popularity in Israel, of all places, and am wondering why, since isn't Hebrew more popular than Esperanto, still?

Love Kisses, Smiles, Hugs, and Cheers, and more wishes for being HAPPIER still!


xo xo



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