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By Janine - 15 Dec 2016

In Reference to: 11 December 2016 - Evil People Corrupt Creation

Dear Frank,

You inspire me, and you, too, feel inspired, which is doubly great, isn't it? Thank you very much for letting me know I inspire you, as well!!!

Doubling the inspiration brings intensification of the soul! (In Hebrew the two words the one for breath and the other for soul are intricately connected).

When I read your sermons it is as if I breathe in G-d's graceful divinity which in turn is encouraging to stay on the path, and abiding by G-d's Heavenly will right here, on earth, and purposefully pushing evil inclinations asunder and welcoming light-giving blessings, to banish darkness and evil and perpetuate goodness and joy!

Here's a wish:


Why should we try to be happier? Aren't we happy enough, ever?!?

Think about it, Frank, don't most folks say Merry XMas and A Happy New Year, when they greet each other this time of year, is that right? Often we wonder, therefore, is it going to be a GOOD year (ahead of us) or an even BETTER year yet still, than the one before???

Well, what if one is already quite happy and satisfied with their portion they already have, then isn't it interesting if one could wish that person (and everyone who thinks they could benefit by more of this) to be HAPPIER instead of just plain, "Happy?"

You see, when we strive for MORE happiness, being more fully contented, more greatly overjoyed, and having a grateful spirit, we rejoice inwardly as well as outwardly, always choosing joyously but never selfishly or greedily, but being happier is a process, we keep seeking goodness, to keep being in the moment and happier and happier as can be is relative to how we were, and we can always strive to be happier in the present, knowing we are striving for perfection, not able to be perfect yet, but getting better at it all of the time!!!

The point is to never stagnate, but always seek even MORE happiness and by being truly grateful, we can "see" why we ought to be happy, content with our good deeds, our good example to others, the things that are most meaningful in life what affects others positively and so on and so forth...the important is to seek to change, and become more happy, no matter where we were beforehand, always seeking to be HAPPIER!!! A Happy Spirit truly, therefore, must be one that is continuously seeking even more happiness, correct???




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