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By Janine - 14 Dec 2016

In Reference to: 11 December 2016 - Evil People Corrupt Creation

Dear Frank,

Here's one of the reasons I feel your most recent sermon (on evil) is extra special Frank, and it is:

(1.)  It takes a good pastor, minister or whatever type of religious leader who preaches about evil to be able to appeal to many individuals all at once, because it might be typical for whoever might be reading what is written to tend to pin the blame on others, for their evil doing, (as opposed to self-introspective reasoning of what they are doing that might be wrong)... for who wants to admit that it is they who are at fault?

Whereas, in your sermon, you have a unique way of bringing such amazingly appropriate quotes that validate your points, and that makes it easier for ANY individual to identify with such core values that are what are used when one looks to define one's principles and makes it easier to see how we are sinning, which is truly amazing, thanks for doing this!!! You are truly blessed.

For example there was a Vegan Rabbi from the Holy Land, who when he was recently writing something similar online against meat eating, etc., etc., had received an unfavorable message (on Facebook) from one respondent who had replied that they had observed that there were VEGANS who had character flaws and who were not all that "free" of evil doing, which is typical of what people do to avoid guilt, blaming others for weaknesses instead of being responsible for their own violations of ethical conduct but two wrongs don't make a right, do they?

Keep up the GREAT work, you are a source of inspiration, courage, and noble actions, Frank, and I admire you tremendously!



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