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By Janine - 2 Dec 2016

In Reference to: 27 November 2016 - Last Days of Evil

Dearest Frank
Re: Last days of evil
I loved reading it
Brilliantly written.
I recently read the most inspiring message I have read in a VERY long time (I know it's easy to find lots of motivational and encouraging words, but this one seems to top all of them that I've been receiving lately, Frank)...
Here it is:
was unable for some reason to insert the photo (maybe it was copy-righted)
(However, just imagine if you would, that there is a picture of a beautiful
pink rose for friendship)...
...and then, the words underneath this image:
Knowing and Trusting go hand in hand.
This is the highest
state of Love that simply
in Bliss.
Beyond all the excuses that the mind
makes, YOU are this LOVE -
beautiful and
beyond all planes
of existence.
Now, see, Frank, whether or not
you agree with me why I think
that this message has the
potential of conveying
a couple of
feelings of being
and in being
"in the moment,"
1. YOU are special,
and so is Mary, because I think of you both in
a way that I believe that
you can "see" the
value of this message,
therefore I am
sending this to you
to enjoy as much
as I have appreciated it.
2. I am special for sending
this to you to, and for wishing
to establish a deeper and
more meaningful connection
with you both, since I am worthy of your
true friendship, rather than just merely
being "friends" on the Internet
which opens the door up
for more communication
in a more direct way,
with the understanding
that both the two of  YOU and I
are seeking
to be
is that correct,
and do you agree
with the above?


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