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By Tamara - 12 Oct 2016

In Reference to: Our Sermons in General

Thank you for your animal caring sermons. I am an "Animal Christian " and appreciate the churches who involve the animals in their sermons, Bible school curriculum,  and outreach projects and church activities. I will not attend churches who will not allow dogs to attend services.

There are not very many churches who want to become involved with helping animals, I am continually disappointed. How young people view and treat animals comes from:
Parents, church pastors, school teachers, governments,  and more. We are lacking in animal humanity education in many area's. Thank you for contributing to a more animal compassionate world.

Your ALL CREATURES newsletter is my church.

You might think of offering an ANIMAL BIBLE STUDY  CORRESPONDENCE COURSE in the future.

God Bless your efforts in helping the animals.

Tamara Bragg
Permanently Disabled / DogAdvocate

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