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By Janine - 3 Aug 2016

In Reference to: 31 July 2016 - Spiritual Examination

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your most recent sermon. I enjoy reading your newsletters very much, indeed!

We should be doing a spiritual examination on ourselves, as you indicated, at least once a day, yes, I DO agree and am thrilled to share my thoughts on this, too.  

I appreciate this guidance. We easily criticize others, but too infrequently examine our own spiritual progress. This is quite true, isn't it???

We are who we are for where we've come to be from whence we started out, and ought to be constantly striving to fine-tune our relationship and therefore seek closer spiritual connections with the Lord our G-d and by doing so daily, we can continue to better keep our progress in check!

Excellent advice.

Next question is what measures do we use to examine our spiritual connection?

I got an inspiration from two similar-sounding Hebrew words, Frank. Believe it or not, they are




Kesher (connect)


Kasher (Kosher!)

Problem is one is spelled with a different letter to makes the 'k' sound, just as in English we also have the letter 'c' that sounds like the 'k' as well...



I deduced that in order for something to "really" be kosher, one has to be able to be willing to make those connections that bring us to think where did the food that is on the plate come from?

If it's not vegan from moral standards of not causing pain and suffering to life forms, then it cannot be considered to be Kosher, because one has made the connection and should NEVER be part of the chain that had caused the harm and pain and suffering in the first place!

There's a new label that says


and underneath those bold two words are three more smaller but very significant words to explain the connection, and they are:

Eat With Compassion!!!

That's the connection between the Kosher and if it's not vegan then it's not kosher, the connection is that we are compassionate if we eat kosher-vegan style and care about not causing pain or suffering, and then we care to only eat Kosher-Vegan that realizes how important this connection really is!!!



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