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By Eunice - 22 Jun 2016

In Reference to: 23 September 1990 - STANDING IN THE GAP

Dear Frank and Mary

Thank you very much for replying to my letter.

I spent a longer time today going through your website and I have learnt a lot. I admire your great passion for animals and the environment. We have many people in our country who are champions of the Environment, but I think the church/churches are not serious on environmental issues, I want to carry out a campaign for the Environment from a spiritual perspective.

I have met people who neither eat meat or milk under medical grounds only. I introduce the topic to my family before evening prayer and they were amused, we keep chicken and cows in our home for food and sale for fees to butchery business men, so their question is it necessary any longer to keep them and if yes, for what purpose.

I think I need more sensitization before I reach out. Yes, you can help me in my efforts. How long did it take you to convince people against animal brutality? Kindly what is the name of your denomination, Adventists, Catholics, Pentecostals, any other, sorry for too many questions.

Pastor Eunice

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